Signing up/Registering

Does it cost to set up an organisation profile?

No, setting up an organisation profile is free of charge. However, certain job posting packages may have associated costs, and once you sign in you will become familiar with the packages. Alternatively, view them here. You can purchase the required packages as and when you need them. 

Our school has multiple campuses, do I create one account or two?

It depends on your preference and the organisational structure of your school. If each campus operates independently and has separate hiring needs, it may be beneficial to create separate accounts for each campus. However, if the campuses share similar hiring processes and collaborate closely, a single account can be created, and the job postings can …

Our school has multiple campuses, do I create one account or two? Read More »

 I want to create an account, but I want somebody else to manage it?

You can create the account with your organisation’s information and then designate someone else within your school or agency to manage it. Once the account is set up, you can provide the login credentials to the assigned individual who will be responsible for managing the account, posting jobs, and engaging with candidates.

What does ‘Login with Facebook / Google or LinkedIn’ mean?

Login with Facebook / Google or LinkedIn’ allows you to sign in to our website using your existing accounts on these social media platforms. It’s a convenient option that saves time by importing your basic profile information. Your social media credentials remain secure, and you can customise your profile after logging in.

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