Company Profile Settings

What is the difference between ‘Account Members’ and ‘Team Members’?

‘Account Members’ typically refers to the individuals who have administrative access to the organisation’s account. They can manage settings, post jobs, view candidate profiles, and perform other administrative functions. On the other hand, ‘Team Members’ refers to the members of your organisation’s recruitment or hiring team who collaborate and work together using the platform. They …

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What should I include in the ‘About the Organisation’ box?

The ‘About the Organisation’ box provides an opportunity to showcase essential details about your organisation. Include a concise yet compelling description that highlights your institution’s mission, values, unique programs, and any other information that distinguishes your organisation and appeals to potential candidates.

What is the ‘Profile URL’ for?

The ‘Profile URL’ is a unique web address that directs users to your organisation’s profile page. It serves as a direct link that you can share with others, making it easier for potential candidates or interested parties to access and explore your organisation’s information.

What does setting my ‘Profile for Public View’ mean?

Setting your ‘Profile for Public View’ determines whether your organisation’s profile can be viewed by the public or is restricted to registered users only. When set to public view, it enables anyone visiting the platform to access and learn more about your organisation.

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