Questions related to Employer

How do I change my notifications?

To change your notification settings, you can access the ‘Settings’ section in your account dashboard. Within the settings you can customise your preferences, such as choosing the types of notifications you wish to receive, and selecting your preferred method of notification delivery (e.g. email, in-platform notifications). This allows you to tailor the notification system to …

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What is the ‘Meetings tab’ for?

The ‘Meetings tab’ is a feature that facilitates the scheduling and management of virtual meetings or interviews directly within the platform. It provides a seamless way to set up and organise online meetings, allowing you to coordinate schedules, send invitations, and conduct virtual interviews with candidates or other stakeholders. This tab streamlines the meeting management …

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What is the ‘My Emails’ tab for?

The ‘My Emails’ tab is a dedicated section where you can manage your email communications within the platform. It provides access to your inbox, sent messages, and other email-related functionalities. You can use this tab to stay organized and keep track of your interactions and communications with candidates or other users.

How do I know what packages I have previously purchased?

To review your previous purchases, you can navigate to the ‘Transactions’ tab in your account. This section provides an overview of your transaction history, allowing you to track and view the details of the job packages you have previously purchased.

Can I use this platform to communicate with candidates?

Yes, you can use this platform to communicate with candidates. You can send messages to candidates through the platform’s messaging system. If candidates have provided their WhatsApp number, you can also use WhatsApp to communicate with them. Additionally, you can utilise the platform to schedule and arrange interviews with candidates, streamlining the recruitment process.

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