What does the ‘Job Alert’ tab on my dashboard mean?

The ‘Job Alert’ tab on your dashboard enables you to set up personalised job alerts based on your preferred criteria. You can specify your desired job title, location, department, and other relevant parameters. Once the job alert is activated, you will receive notifications or emails whenever new job listings that match your preferences become available.

Can I have more than 1 CV?

Yes, you can have multiple CVs. The platform allows you to create and manage multiple CVs within the ‘CV Manager’ tab. This feature is particularly useful if you are applying for different types of jobs or want to tailor your CVs for specific positions. You also have the option to upload a previously made CV, …

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Can I download my CV?

Yes, you can download your CV once you have created it. In the ‘CV Manager’ tab, locate the CV you want to download, and there should be an option to export or download the CV file in a commonly used format such as PDF or Word document. Choose the desired format, and the CV file …

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Does it cost to make my CV?

No it doesn’t, it is completely free. If you want to choose from a choice of CV templates, then that will require a premium charge. This feature is coming soon. 

How do I build my own CV?

To build your own CV, navigate to the ‘CV Builder’ tab in your account dashboard. This section will guide you through the process of creating a CV step-by-step. You can input your personal information, education details, work experience, skills, and any additional sections you wish to include. The CV builder will assist you in formatting …

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How do I change my notifications?

To change your notification settings, go to the ‘Settings’ section in your account dashboard. Within the settings, you will find options to customise your notification preferences. You can choose to enable or disable various types of notifications, such as email alerts for new messages, job alerts, or updates from employers.

What should I include in the ‘Candidate Profile’ box?

In the ‘Candidate Profile’ box, as an educator, you have the opportunity to showcase your unique teaching philosophy and provide a glimpse into your qualifications and experiences. While you don’t want to duplicate information already included in your CV,, you can craft a structured personal statement that highlights key aspects of your teaching approach and …

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What is the ‘Profile URL’ for?

A Profile URL is a unique web address that leads to your profile on our website. It serves as a direct link that you can share with others, including potential employers or colleagues, to showcase your professional profile. Having a Profile URL makes it easier for others to find and view your profile.

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